Tuesday 12 Sep: Six US and Canadian aircraft on a journey around the world, arrived in Sydney this morning, after their flight down from the Gold Coast (OOL). They all landed on Sydney Airport's Runway 34R, and taxied to the DOM 5 Apron, where they were being handled by Hawker Pacific. The six aircraft are being led by Air Journey, a World Leader in Escorted Flying Journeys. Full News and Image Coverage

Sunday 10 Sep: Operating its first charter service for Pacific Jets in Auckland New Zealand, Dassault Falcon 2000EX ZX-OCB arrived in Sydney from Auckland at 1549L today (flight time was 3hr 3min). The aircraft only joined the New Zealand aircraft register on 1st August 2017, and its delivery flight from Grand Junction was via Oakland and Apia, arriving in Auckland on 4th August 2017.

Monday 4 Sep: The first San Marino (T7) registered aircraft to visit Sydney Airport arrived at 1906L on Saturday 2nd September, and then departed 50min late for Honolulu at 1350L on Monday 4th September. T7-CAM's departure delay was mainly due to strong westerly winds forcing operations onto Runway 25. Seen here taxiing to Holding Point ECHO for departure.

Friday 1 Sep: Cessna 680A Latitude demonstrator N985BC arrived in Sydney this morning from Darwin, and left within the hour on a customer flight to Mudgee. After a few of hours on the ground, N985BC returned to Sydney, landing on Runway 16L, and taxiing to the DOM5 Apron via GOLF.

Saturday 19 Aug: United States Navy Gulfstream C-37A (G-V) 166375 arrived at Sydney Airport from Wellington New Zealand today. Normally based at Hickam Field in Honolulu, 166375 flew direct to RNZAF Whenuapai on the 16th August, then onto Wellington on the 17th August.

Tuesday 15 Aug: Gulfstream's G280 demonstrator N280GL visited Sydney Airport today for customer inspections, before heading off to Melbourne at sunset.

Tuesday 8 Aug: RAAF F/A-18B Hornet A21-109 Callsign TALON2 on a short final for Runway 30 at Williamtown RAAF Base. Between 10am and 1pm today, twelve Hornets were out on flying training, along with three Hawks and a Wedgetail.

Friday 28 Jul: Scoot Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner 9V-OFA touching down on Runway 25 at Sydney Airport against a strong westerly wind. Scoot and Tigerair (Singapore) merged on the 25th July, and will now operate under the single brand Scoot. The Scoot designator code will change from TZ to TR, and the merger is part of our long-term growth strategy to enable a more seamless travel experience.

Tuesday 25 Jul: Volga-Dnepr Group Ilyushin IL-76 RA-76511 visited Sydney today, arriving from Noumea and landing on Runway 34L. After vacating on the ALFA2 Rapid, RA-76511 taxied to the Cargo Apron to unload. It was only a very short 4hr turnaround before they were on their way again back to Noumea.

Thursday 13 Jul: The Embraer KC-390 made an overnight visit to Sydney yesterday, departing for Darwin at 1036L this morning. This aircraft was on display at the recent Paris Airshow, and had been visiting the Royal New Zealand Air Force Base at Whenuapai in Auckland, to demonstrate the KC-390s capabilities to an interested RNZAF. This is the second production aircraft and a very rare sight for Sydney.

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